Our Story

We started Yummy Weight Loss because of our own stories. We have a thyroid issue and have struggled with our weight because of it. We found that we could control our weight  by using a combination of good products, measured portions and avoiding binge eating. 

One of the products that we swear by is IsaGenix.  Our daily regiment includes having a shake for breakfast and most days one for dinner. Now this may sound strange, but our health has improved, we have lost over 25 lbs. and have set milestones that we thought we would never see again. 

By having a regular routine, we control our diet and our weight. This includes a healthy does of fruits and vegetables. We’re not vegetarians, but by making sure we eat fruit and veggies daily we are able to avoid those snacks that aren’t good for us.

It is our hope that we can share healthy recipes, weight control and nutritional tips that will benefit you no matter what your health goals are.

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