How To Barbell Row Properly – Form Guide For Safety & Best Results

How To Barbell Row Properly

The barbell bent-over row is one of the best back exercises to help increase strength and size in your back. With the proper barbell row form, this exercise will also help strengthen your core and ab muscles!

The main aim of the barbell bent over row is to keep your shoulders down and your elbows close to your body.

This makes sure you are not using other muscles to take over the pulling action.

By holding a strong bent over position throughout the whole exercise, you will use your core and abs.

Keep your belly button pulled back to engage your underlying core muscles and brace your abs to hold yourself in position.

Bent Over Barbell Rows for Back — [Step-by-Step Technique]

Step 1: Stand in front of the barbell, in a strong athletic stance, making sure your feet are just past shoulder width apart, your back is in neutral alignment, and your core is tight.

Step 2: Bending your knees, and keeping your back straight, lower down to pick up the bar and set your grip. You can choose from an over-hand ‘claw’ grip, or a ‘thumb under’ squeeze grip.

Step 3: Lift the bar by performing a deadlift move, keeping your back straight and driving through your knees.

Step 4: Bend yourself forward by hinging at the waist and pushing your butt back, so you reach just lower than 45 degrees with your body. Your arms will hang down with the weight just lower than your knee

Step 5: Breathing out, pull the bar into your belly button, making sure you keep your shoulders down and your elbows close to your side. Squeeze your back throughout.

Step 6: Breathing in, lower the bar back to the start point, maintaining a neutral spine and a tight core throughout.

Step 7: Complete the prescribed number of reps, then using the deadlift motion, lower the weight back to the floor.

Pro Tip: We recommend starting with 3 sets of 12-15 reps


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